Watch Winder Klarstein 8PT1S - black WW1-8PT1S
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Watch Winder Klarstein 8PT1S - black WW1-8PT1S

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Clock winding box with compact design and extremely quiet motor for use on bedside tables or in living rooms. Suitable for one watch. Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Klarstein 8PT1S is an affordable personal fitness trainer for an automatic watch! The watch winding box mimics the movements of the wrist, thus supporting the watch and preventing the lubricants from hardening. It is suitable for keeping an automatic watch constantly wound. Thanks to its compact size and smooth operation, the ultra-quiet motor of the Klarstein 8PT1S can be easily used on the nightstand or in other quiet places. The "X 3.5" window display of the Klarstein 8PT1S 3.5 window provides a pleasant view of the watch. The elegant design is available in a combination of gray and black.