FOREO LUNA 2 skin cleanser (8000 rpm),Sensitive Skin, 12 speeds, Accumulator, Hypoallergenic
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FOREO LUNA 2 skin cleanser (8000 rpm),Sensitive Skin, 12 speeds, Accumulator, Hypoallergenic

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Change your daily rituals with LUNA 2 - the revolutionary award-winning facial cleanser and rejuvenation from the Swedish cosmetic brand FOREO. Pamper yourself with a gentle 2-minute daily cosmetic ritual and rediscover your bright, refined and rejuvenated look. Silicon Face Brush LUNA 2 comes in four specific types with 12 degrees of pulse intensity. With its fully optimized design, it provides a cleansing and rejuvenating experience that is designed to fully satisfy your face care needs.
The LUNA 2 acoustic brush is made of high-strength, safe, hypoallergenic, non-stretch silicone to prevent bacteria from accumulating, making it 35 times more hygienic with nylon hair brushes without needing to change heads. Light and fully waterproof, suitable for use in the shower or in the tub, LUNA 2 is designed to be comfortable for you, with up to 450 uses each full charge.
Up to 8000 T-Sonic ™ ripples per minute are directed through the soft silicone points for deep and gentle cleansing, releasing the pores of 99.5% of the dirt, skin fats, and makeup remnants.

Directions for use:
1. Apply your favorite cleansing cream. Soak LUNA 2 and activate the cleaning mode.
2. Gently slide the LUNA 2 cleaning surface on the face with circular movements for 1 minute.
3. Rinse and dry your face. Apply cosmetic products if desired.
4. Activate anti-aging mode of LUNA 2. Squeeze the anti-aging surface to areas wrinkle-prone in 1 minute

Main characteristics
Part of the body For Face
Product type Face care product
About Women
Type of use Domestic use
Usage Moist skin
Face skin type Sensitive Skin
Use for Against blackheads, Reduces pores, Against wrinkles, Cleansing Hypoallergenic.
Drive type Sound
Advantages Waterproof, Fast drying
Power supply Accumulator