Professional Shampoo Redist Keratin Hair 1000 ml.
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Professional Shampoo Redist Keratin Hair 1000 ml.

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Restorative shampoo for heavily damaged hair. Redist Keratin Care Shampoo covers hair fibers like a barrier and first protects them; afterwards it repairs and makes them healthy. You can use with confidence to Redist Keratin Care shampoo which is combined with sensitive
cleaners, vitamins and keratin. Thanks to the special content – which is developed as a result of long clinic studies – it helps to increase tolerance threshold of the hair and the scalp. After 2 weeks of regular use, it visibly increases brightness and vitality of the hair. Because of its
content which is suitable for all types of hair, it nourishes the hair and helps to provide moisture balance by repairing. Protecting the color of your hair, you can have good looking hair for a longer time.

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