6 безценни съвета за безупречен грим
6 Priceless Tips for Perfect Makeup

6 Priceless Tips for Perfect Makeup

To date, makeup is one of the main ways of a modern woman to achieve a more attractive vision, conceal imperfections and increase self-esteem. Unfortunately, however, not every make-up brush has "magical powers" to turn the defect into effect or make you unrecognizable.

The hand behind the brush is important, but it is more important to know the basic rules - those that turn make-up into art, and the make-up into a mage. Even if you are not particularly skilled and skillful, if you rely on a few simple principles of professional makeup, the chances of achieving positive results grow incredibly. That is why today we have prepared a short but meaningful list of the basic laws of impeccable makeup.

1. Always put a foundation before you start with the actual make-up process.

Imagine how stable a building would have been if there were no solid foundations. It would surely collapse on the first major attack on the part of the natural elements. The same applies to your makeup - you can not rely on sustainable makeup unless you have provided a foundation before applying the foundation. Do not forget this first and especially important step if you are aiming for perfect results.

2. Never wear blush and bronze at the same time

- to avoid the effect of over-saturation in a particular area of ​​the face, never put a bronzing product and blush at the same time. In addition to looking unnatural, it will aggravate your overall radiance, disturb the balance and harmony in your makeup. For best results, we advise you to sculpt your face in a form that is appropriate for its shape and highlight, and the blush is placed in a very sparing and discreet manner in the particular area.

3. Match the color of your lipstick and lipstick correctly

- Always try to choose your lipstick and lipstick in the same or close color range. Pretty ladies point their lips with a pencil in a noticeably darker color to make them look more bulky and dense. Unfortunately, however, the result is often not very attractive, even comical. Be careful with this tricking trick, especially if you are not sure of your judgment and skills for proper color matching.

4. Select only one accent in makeup

- If you've decided to highlight the beautiful color of your eyes with a smoky make-up, do not put too sparkling lipstick or dull in a deep dark color. Choose a neutral and soft shade to compliment your face. If you like your lips and want to look at them, put lipstick in a more bold and challenging color. Then we advise you to balance with more delicate and delicate shadows, and a very fine eye line.

5. Apply a spiral only to the upper lashes

- undoubtedly one of the most annoying and most often violated rules. In truth, however, it is quite reasonable - putting a spiral on top of your eyelashes gives you a crisp look and prevents the risk of felting and blurring. When applying, do not miss the shortest eyelashes at the corners of the eye, because they make your eyes look more open and large.

6. Finally do not forget to put a powder or other fixation product.

The fact is that the final touches are just as important as the good foundation. So do not miss the fixing powder after you have finished with the actual make-up. In the summer this is not only advisable but absolutely mandatory, at least to reduce the annoying gloss of the skin. But not only! Putting a powder or a fixative spray will give you the peace of mind that your makeup is durable, long-lasting and will not give you up at the most inappropriate moment.

We hope that our advice has been helpful to you. Follow our blog for more useful recommendations and hot news and until then: Be Beautiful!