Малките тайни на опушения грим и как да го усъвършенстваме в 6 прости стъпки
The little secrets of smoky makeup and how to refine it in 6 simple steps

The little secrets of smoky makeup and how to refine it in 6 simple steps

Smoked make-up or so-called "Smokey eyes" is the most favorite of the ladies choice for evening makeup.

It is mysterious, spectacular and influential, but in addition it makes the look magnetic and hypnotic.

It is believed that achieving a perfect home-made result is hard to reach, but the truth is that for immaculate smoky make-up it is not necessarily expensive equipment and a personal make-up artist. It is enough by practice to master the makeup technique itself in its exact sequence and the results will be available soon. We've synthesized the entire process in 6 steps to make it as easy as possible. You only require performance, patience and precision.

   1. The shadow base and the corrector are required

Nothing seems so repellent, like a blurred pencil and shadow. In order not to "blur" your makeup, just when the evening is in full swing, always place the base on the eyelid. Before going to the essential part of the make-up, it is important to cover up the imperfections. Red spots and shadows under the eyes kill the effect of the smoky makeup and divert attention from it. Cover them well with a suitable corrector in a universal tone, suitable for any type of skin. We strongly recommend
Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer.

   2. Select the appropriate shade palette

You need 3 or 4 colors to achieve an optimal impact and compelling look. Ideal for this is the
Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette.. In terms of nuances, choose a natural color, a lighter, a darker one and a darker shade. Neutral use as a base and start mixing the shades from dark to light from outside to inside. Apply the darkest color in the outer corner of the eyelid and at the bottom under the lashes, then gently spread it with a suitable brush. Continue with the brighter shade to the middle of the eye and at the innermost corner, place the lightest color. Re-mix the colors with a brush to obtain even smooth transition.

  3. Highlight the eyes with a dark pencil

Once you have the perfect combination of complementary nuances, it's your turn to highlight the eyes with a soft waterproof pencil. Our favorite option for this purpose is
Bourjois Khol & Contour Eyeliner. Apply carefully on the line immediately above the upper and lower lashes, and for greater density you can put on the product and on the inside of the line of the lower lashes. So the color of your eyes will come out and your eyesight will become even more influential.

4. Place the hiller on the respective zones

To achieve a balance in the color composition, it is appropriate to brighten specific zones. The black pencil and the dark shades create the intensity and dynamics of the eye, which adds to the perception. Soften the effect of your makeup by placing a high-heel in the area just beneath the eyebrows. This will lighten and refresh your eyes.
Manhattan Good To Glow Highlighter is a truly incredible product with an instant effect that we guarantee.

 5. Be Precise with the Eyeliner

Although the eyeliner in this case is a finishing detail, when you place it, you need to be the most careful and focused. A wrong move may be the reason to start making the whole makeup from scratch. If you are not particularly skilled, better penetrate a pencil or print type to make it easier to apply. If you've already mastered the art of perfect lines, we recommend a product that's not like this:
Maybelline Celebrate Cils Color Sensational Mascara for which even Audrey Hepburn would envy you.

6. Apply a spiral to enhance the volume and length of the lashes

No smoky makeup is full without exquisite, thick, bulky and infinitely long fluttering lashes. With them, you will finish your vision of a charisma, fascinating with just a look.
Maybelline Celebrate Cils Color Sensational Mascara will make this effect effortless. Apply two layers of the spiral and finish the makeup with a spray to fix.

Fine makeup is an art, but to become true cori, you do not need to be endowed with unimaginable talent. It is enough to just follow a few basic rules and be stubborn in your attempts to achieve a brilliant result.
Author: Tanya Marinova