Топ 5 на тенденциите при мъжкото спортно облекло
Top 5 trends in male sportswear

Top 5 trends in male sportswear

If you are a fan of comfortable and casual men's clothing, you are most likely experiencing difficulty following the fashion trends concerning this style of dress.

If you are a fan of comfortable and casual men's clothing, you are most likely experiencing difficulty following the fashion trends concerning this style of dress. The reason is that sports clothes fall into a more neglected category and rarely accentuate them when discussing the latest developments in the fashion world.
But sports clothing has long been not just a "uniform" for fitness, jogging or a walk in the park. In one form or another, it affirms its positions both on the big catwalks and in the wardrobe of modern ladies and gentlemen.Comfortable and casual, sportswear is becoming more and more popular in everyday life. Of course, it is not acceptable to dress in such a business meeting or job interview, but they are the most appropriate solution for: camping, mountain excursion, weekend with friends outside the city, sport ... So today we decided to bring in a little light on the subject and look at the latest trends in the world of men's sportswear.

1. Stuffed sports trousers

Free at the top and gradually tapering to the ankle - this is the most preferred cut of the current men's sport trousers . With it you have incredible comfort and freedom of movement. At the same time, he shapes the silhouette, and your body in this area looks more muscular and athletic. Perfectly combined with sports shoes, sneakers, sneakers and one-color t-shirts.

2. Skater Outfit

This relatively new wave in the world of men's fashion is increasingly demanding its presence in the so- street style (street fashion). The skateboarding style consists of combining several specific components: a spectacular swimsuit with a hood , a free men's T-shirt , a large logo t-shirt , cargo pants, sneakers and baseball caps. We have to emphasize that such a type of sportswear would suit mostly teenagers and very young men. If you are over 35, do not risk experimenting with your wardrobe in this direction to save jokes and sarcastic comments at your address.

3. T-shirts with a clean design

The classic monochrome prints are an absolute evergreen in the men's wardrobe. They are always in vogue because they are very easy to maintain and combine both color and style. Equally well with a sports team, jeans and a leather jacket or sporty-elegant trousers and moccasins. One of the most versatile styles ever to find a place in the outfit of a modern man.

4. Sports teams in bold colors

In recent years, we have noticed that all clichés in the world of fashion collapse and the rules of men's and women's clothing are rewritten. There is no distinction between typical male and typical ladies' colors, patterns, prints and designs. Bright and daring colors make their way to the gentlemen's wardrobes more and more confident. This also applies to the modern men's sports team , which is solved in ever-brighter and graceful-looking nuances.

5. T-shirts with prints of cartoon characters

We will end up with a slight tease and wink, namely - turning our attention to the so popular T-shirts with a cartoon character print . They are foolishly cute, sweet and fun, but the best thing is that they always make a smile. And is there anything more wonderful than a casual smile in a gloomy and weary day?

Summer is on our doorstep and invites us to go outside to embark on new adventures. Dress up comfortably to meet them boldly and enjoy them. 

Author: Tanya Marinova