Козметичният арсенал, без който жените не могат - основни инструменти и аксесоари
A cosmetic arsenal without which women can not - basic tools and accessories

A cosmetic arsenal without which women can not - basic tools and accessories

When we talk about makeup, the focus is most often on cosmetic products that we prefer: a favorite lipstick, a suitable foundation, a waterproof pencil and a mascara

Discussions almost always circulate around certain articles of specific brands, and quite rarely on invariable aids involved in the makeup process.
That is why today's publication is dedicated to accessories without which make-up would be an inconceivably complex and unsuccessful task. Without all those tools and accessories, you would hardly achieve a glamorous and flawless vision like a magazine cover. You will get tired if you need to apply a uniform foundation without a suitable brush, a powder - without a fungus and shadows - without an applicator. Just imagine how you would shape your eyebrows without tweezers and scissors. Do you now realize why it is important to invest in quality accessories as much as in expensive cosmetics of well-established brands?

1. Compact mirror - it is the unmistakable presence in every ladies' bag and cosmetic nursery. There is no way we can even think of a precise make-up without a mirror. For optimal results, we recommend that you obtain a double-sided magnifying mirror. It will be relentless to the most insignificant defects and imperfections, thus eliminating the chance of aesthetic and technical gaps.

2. Complete set of makeup brushes - a few are the basic brushes you need to apply the simplest and most essential makeup techniques. These are: background brush , powder brush, blush brush and shadow brush . By building more serious skills you can add to the arsenal and brushes for corrector, bronze, lipstick, heliter, eye line, and brushes for contouring. We encourage you to invest in quality professional brushes - preferably from natural hair.

3. Scissors and eyebrow tweezers
- For perfectly shaped eyebrows you need two things - a sturdy hand and the right tools. While there are all sorts of devices and practices for cleaning and shaping the area above the eyes (from miniature battery pocket handles to sophisticated silk thread techniques), the old-fashioned method with scissors and a suitable eyebrow tweezers remains the most reliable. There is no more convenient, accessible and effective way to clean unwanted hairs and to achieve the desired shape from using this cosmetic "tandem".

4. Eyelash Curling Tool - Because it's just a spiral, no matter how dear it is, it's hard to get sculpted and glamorous lashes. As we all know, long and curved lashes make the look tempting and impressive. Max Factor Eyelash Curler is the tool we recommend. It will help you get that fatal and seductive look that no one will be indifferent to.

5. Makeup sponge and powder puff for a strong and harmonious base. Whether you use a lighter, thicker foundation or creamy texture, a makeup sponge will be needed to achieve a smooth and even base. It will help you apply the product balanced over the entire face of the face, thus making your makeup look more natural and casual. With a powder puff, you can apply a thin layer to fix and reinforce the natural color.

6. Makeup makeup cleaner - when the make-up characters are tired. Both people and tools need maintenance and refreshment after a long and faithful service. In order to "extend the life" of your aides, take care of them and clean them with a suitable preparation after operation. This is especially true for make-up brushes and sponges that contain microbes and dead cells. Wash them regularly with hot water and special cleansing soap to keep you faithfully longer.

If beauty is a force, as a proverb says, then accessories are the weapons that help us win it. Be strong because then you are the most beautiful!

Author: Tanya Marinova