Как да те забележат в тълпата?
Extravagant fashion for anti-conformists. How do they notice you in the crowd?

Extravagant fashion for anti-conformists. How do they notice you in the crowd?

Each lady goes through a series of stages and metamorphoses until she finds her personal style and clothing that best suits her personality.

This is particularly true for the teenage period, although in many cases fashion wandering continues on a later life stage.

How do we stand out in the middle of the table, stand out with a unique and unique look - with an outfit that impresses and provokes? Very simple - finding the style that most accurately describes our essence. So clothes will reflect our character and our soul, and they are unique. Life is too short to be dressed in boring clothes, is not it? That's why you bought that dazzling dress and the leather jacket you've been dreaming of for months, the boutique tricky print with a unique print, or the "killer trousers" that your feet look infinitely long! It is easy to distinguish yourself when you do not copy anyone; when you shine with your own - individual light. How do you achieve it? Today we'll show you how!

For starters, he threw all of the basecats of T-shirts and blouses out of his wardrobe. Get rid of these boring, one-color prints that you bring to another summer just because they're comfortable and "easy to combine with everything." Instead, he bought a crazy and funny boutique T-shirt with a funny inscription or a great boutique women's T-shirt with the so-popular print of a cartoon hero. So, most expressive, and at the same time without words, you will express your seductive character and sense of humor. At the same time, it is almost certain that none of the company will appear in the club or at a party with the same, which will save you a lot of awkward situations.

You want a new leather or denim jacket, but somehow different and more special. You want to know that it's just yours, unique and absolute uniqueness. We have it! Murderous boutique women's jacket without an analogue. How can you resist this hand-crafted temptation when it calls and just emits an individual cool-waib? And if you love heavier music and live for the next rock concert or fest, we have the right product for you. Enchant the gossip, and why not the choice of your heart, with a grinning lady leather leather jacket . There's no way you can get all the glances with this model, which is unique and created for you.

For more artistic backgrounds we recommend bold and eccentric garments with brilliant prints, prints and motifs. One bright personality and one colorful soul always find their way to the surface of the material envelope (in this case clothing). It is important, however, to express yourself correctly and moderately within the bounds of aesthetics. Do not combine too many bright and shimmering colors, but choose one with a central focus and center of mind. Speaking of aesthetics, we can not overcome a lovely lady's dress - perfect complement to your spring-summer wardrobe. How can you remain indifferent to this work of art? Everything in her screams, "take me," and you have nothing else but to listen to.

We have something for the ladies with a hideous character who want to always be on the wave of the wave - the absolute Wild and anti-conformist. If you're one of them, it's time to climb another fashion top with a modern neon lace wedge or an attractive ladies wedge with silver stripe. A purely vertical vertical stripe will stretch your legs, and with a pair of suitable heels the effect will be even more distracting. Break down the fluffy dance floor and be inspired for every woman who is not confident enough and is still looking for herself!

The style of dress is a mirror of the personality. If you do not like the reflection you see right now, start the change now, following our guidance. The summer has just begun and the best is yet to come! :)

Author: Tanya Marinova