Проблемна кожа? Помахайте и за сбогом!
Problematic skin? Give her a goodbye!

Problematic skin? Give her a goodbye!

Yes, possible ...Imagine only: clean and satin smooth skin at home: without expensive expensive procedures, painful manipulations and chemicals with a bunch of side effects! 

It is possible to! If all this sounds like borrowing from a third-party ad for acne product, do not hurry to "hit" the stamp of skepticism, but let us convince you why it is worth taking advantage of today's advice.

Troubled skin with all the accompanying "extras" (pimples, rashes, redness, blackheads, spots, dark circles, etc.) are powerless to corrupt the perfect affinity. So forget about filters, photo effects and applications to hide imperfections. The ideal skin is at your fingertips, and to achieve it requires really minimal effort on your part. Just pick the right facial cosmetics and repeat several mandatory procedures regularly. The results will be available sooner than you expect.

For starters, always find time for a long and refreshing morning dress. Let it be a key point in it to clean the skin with a suitable facial wash . At least once or twice a week exfoliate your face in depth to remove dead cells. For this, we recommend Manhattan Clearface Wash Scrub because it is extremely efficient and affordable. Let your skin breathe and then apply a light day cream.

For intensive cleaning, at least once a week, you can also apply a face mask with Dead Sea Mud and Schaebens Dead Sea Mud Mask , as well as the so popularly popular face mask for charcoal that fights against black spots, pigment spots and redness. It is good to make minimal skin care a daily habit, and one or two days a week to dedicate yourself to longer "beauty rituals" or more diligent and diligent action in this direction. In the hot summer days we recommend fresh and energizing masks with a matting effect that shrink the pores, remove the annoying gloss of the skin, hydrate and cleanse in depth. Perfect for this purpose is a geothermal clay mask RedOne Pure Detoxifying Clay Mask. It will clean and leave your skin fresh and lighted throughout the day.

Another important thing you should not miss are the procedures for cleaning the problem areas: the nose, the t-zone and the area under the eyes. There are sticky tapes of any kind on the market that will remove black spots on your nose literally in minutes. Essence Pure Skin Nasal patches have a truly proven effect. Try eyebrows under the eyes that darken the dark circles, and for a smooth and shiny skin, trust the Mbeauty Gold Foil mask with gold foil . Apply it gently to the skin beneath the lower eyelids and let it work for a few minutes. You will instantly feel your skin pleasantly softened and firmer. For the zone we recommend patches with a matte effect. They will remove unpleasant greasiness, unblock pores, and give your skin a cleaner look.

Bonus Tip: Even if you use extremely expensive and reputable cosmetics, keep in mind that if you do not take care of your skin properly, it can not compensate for your gaps. Therefore, above all else, maintain good hygiene and wash thoroughly with lukewarm water and cleanser your face every morning. Apply a toner for extra moisturizing as well as a light day cream that will serve as a filter against harmful environmental influences. Use good makeup products and do not abuse them during the day (daily makeup should be light and discreet). For the finish always use micellar water or other similar product (preferably with hypoallergenic properties) when you clean your face from makeup.

And do not forget that beauty is due to a gene just as much as personal discipline and everyday personal care.

Author: Tanya Marinova