Козметика за мъже. Кое е ОК, и кое - too much?
Cosmetics for men. What is OK, and what - too much?

Cosmetics for men. What is OK, and what - too much?

Speaking of cosmetics, what is the reasonable amount a man needs to have? Which is what distinguishes the well-kept macho from the pre-friction ling?

What makes a gentleman attractive and who sends it directly to the column "metrosexual", "contex" or "too much vain"? These are the issues that we will be addressing today.

    Let's admit that every woman feels good to an attractive, well-behaved and good-looking man. But what happens if your mate takes two-thirds of your dressing table with your own cosmetic gels? Surely the feeling would be pretty confusing and unpleasant, would not it? Then, where is the boundary between admissible and "unforgivable" beauty products that a man can use. If a professional male shampoo and hair conditioner are OK, what do you think about hair masks or face masks for men? Would it be strange for you if your partner shared the same brand of moisturizing and regenerating mask against wrinkles? And maybe you think too much?

    The media, the internet, the advertising and fashion sector, the music and film industry - all of them gradually, but increasingly invasively enforce their new standards of beauty. And they affect men just as much as women. The modern man's vision has more and more requirements and stereotypes, to which he needs to adapt and model to "walk". Cosmetic companies are therefore increasingly investing in lines designed specifically for men. In the increasingly crowded market, products of personal care of all types, fully oriented to the needs of the stronger sex, can now be found. Some are absolutely necessary, while others are totally unnecessary.

    We think everyone respects you as a must-have must have a quality professional male hair shampoo , tailored to its specific needs (against dandruff, hair loss, greasy roots, etc.). Another binding product is the styling, whether it's gel, wax or hair foam. There is no way to shape your hair well without proper hair wax, Morpheus Ossion Castle Man Ultra Aqua . Personally, we believe that additional products such as: crystals, masks, serums, etc. are an idea when it comes to maintaining a male hairstyle.

    Of course, you can not wash your face well and clean it well without a good male face toner . Washing gel or exfoliating substance are also among the eligible male personal care products, especially if you suffer from problematic skin. Then they are, you would agree, even mandatory. What we would not approve of is the excessive use of face masks, emulsions and ampoules against wrinkles, abuse of daily and night creams, and so on. Still, a man should not spend hours in front of the mirror, or in trembling anticipation, his face mask tightens as he reads a gossip magazine.

You can not shave flawlessly and painlessly if you do not have a suitable gel or shaving foam. We strongly recommend RedOne Shaving Gel With Pump . Of course, it is good to apply a soothing balm after shave or autoshaft. But we would not applaud to anything more than this: creams, soothing milk or lotion, smelling of berries, would make you look like a slime. Save them!

For the final, we should also pay attention to the so popular hipster current, characterized by lush beards and whiskers in bizarre shapes. Such a colossal beard needs colossal support - a fact! So we are OK and with accompanying products, professional shampoos beard , conditioners beard and super sera Beard , who care not only for its good appearance, but skin underneath.

    So, gentlemen, if you want to stand out with a top vision without falling into extremes, stick to the mentioned reasonable limits and do not overdo the use of cosmetic products. Everything else is superfluous. ;)

Author: Tanya Marinova