Покажи ми часовника си, за да ти кажа що за човек си
Show me your watch to tell you what kind of person you are

Show me your watch to tell you what kind of person you are

New dating, romantic meeting, business event, commitment - all these daily social interactions are united by a common gesture of mutual respect, namely - handshake.

And what is the first thing that attracts attention when handshaking with a lady? In addition to the soft and tender skin of the hands and the well-kept manicure, what makes the most of the impression is undoubtedly the watch.

Be sure the watch also describes you better than a business card. Only a glance pegged on this accessory would be enough to create an initial impression, even without words. The shape, color, style and material from which the lady's watch is made reveal enough information about your character, taste and preference. You do not need to be a shining psychologist to paint the most generous profile of the person against you, judging only on the watch he or she carries. How? This will be revealed to you in today's publication.

• Simple design, simple colors, clean dial - such a choice whispers the class, sophistication, sophistication and sophisticated taste. It fits perfectly with ladies, with perfectly maintained vision and position in society. They are well-educated, emancipated and prefer to create new rules instead of blindly following those already established. Good leaders and innovators, they find their way into law, politics, finance, academia and science. If you find yourself in this description, then the watch for you is Bering Women Watch 14539-060 .

• Boyshift watch - as a complete antipode of the above, we present you the unusual model Citizen AT2403-15E lady watch . More rude, massive and bold, this model is inspired by the typically male accessories that measure the time. With such an article, you symbolically break the barrier between the sexes and ask for confidence and strength of character. This model is suitable for ladies-pioneers who are trying to build a career in typical male occupations. They will surely help you to accept you frighteningly.

• A women's vintage watch - a leather strap, a simple dial, no extras and features ... This watch is a copy of your grandmother's watch from the archival photos you keep in a box on the ceiling. And even if that fashion is not, so to speak, "your cup of tea", it has ladies who would kill for it. This type of accessory is the perfect ornament for a warm and romantic kind who likes to read the Bronte sisters in the original with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace. These ladies are creative, nice, funny, but often quite lame and easily injured. Professionally, they are most often performed in the fields of: theater, music, poetry, fine arts. If this is your lifestyle, the model that suits you is: Grovana 3050-1562

• Ladies watch Barbie style - we are not quite sure whether it is a clock or jewel, but with this type of accessory you can not go unnoticed. Characteristic of it is the bright colors (preferably in candy shades), large dials with generously inlaid stones, floral or animal motifs and many, many shine. This ladies watch is an ideal addition to the woman's princess vision. She is adored, ankle and cared for; loves bohemian and exuberant lifestyles, long shopping tours and exotic voyages. With its indescribable beauty, this woman is a true dream come true for every cavalier. If this lovely lady is exactly you, then your watch is Cerruti 1881 CT069521X04.

• Pink gold or trendy chic - so the hot trend has gained steady positions both in jewelery and watches. Pink gold radiates class and sex appeal and elegance. A Tommy Hilfiger watch 1781756 is certainly not the accessory of any lady. But it is certainly the right choice for a modern, confident and ambitious woman in the IT, advertising, marketing, banking or entrepreneurship sectors. 
Express yourself and set your style with the lady's clock that best describes your personality. Time is invaluable, and no cost is high enough to accurately measure and keep up with it.

Author: Tanya Marinova