Нови попълнения за есенния ви гардероб. Как да ги подберете?
New additions to your fall wardrobe. How to choose them?

New additions to your fall wardrobe. How to choose them?

Autumn is coming soon, and you don't have a plan yet for what items to upgrade your wardrobe?

 Whether you are following fashion trends or trusting your personal judgment of style and taste, it is a good idea to refresh your fashion arsenal with new arrivals. 

Today, we have prepared a handful of tips for the latest in the world of fashion, as well as tempting suggestions to enrich your options and variety of clothing for the new season. From prints through fabrics and colors to ideologies - today we are going to discuss everything hot and up-to-date with which to shine in the fall. And if this time of the year is associated with a minor mood, unfavorable climate, melancholic and nostalgic conditions, etc., then we aspire to fill it with comfort, adventure, smiles, sunny and cheerful mood. How will we achieve it? With appropriate clothing or in other words: we will put you in happiness! 

Leather jacket is an eternal trend

Leather garments enjoy a constant presence throughout the global fashion seasons every fall and winter season. This year is no exception. We observe a triumphant procession of leather pants in all cuts, which are combined with a stylish striped, clear black satin, naughty animal prints. Another leather item in the wardrobe is never superfluous, and we have a real find for you: the exclusive genuine leather boutique women's jacket . You can combine it with an airy and light dress for a more romantic look, with a tweed skirt and high black boots for a killer urban look, or with black jeans and platform shoes if you're a rock and metal fan.

Blurry prints for blurry looks

Like leather fashion items, animal prints have successfully established a lasting presence in the fashion world. Wear a fitted leopard print wedge or tiger print dress and you will not go unnoticed by the crowd. They are provocative and attractive - a magnet for the eye. Therefore, the fashion industry has successfully exploited animal motifs and transformed them into various forms into a wide variety of clothing and accessories. We also like militaris and animal prints, so we offer you a great high waist pants and a fresh print to keep your eyes peeled for a second. Describing every tempting curve, this pants will help you to beat the hearts.

Red is the secret weapon of every seducer

Speaking of high-impact clothing, it is impossible not to mention the color that symbolizes love and passion, namely red. Neon and disco merry tones are reminiscent of this season, reminiscent of the late 80's. But among the sparkling disco shades, red "defiles" with its graceful royal gait, quiet and dignified - without screaming for attention. Just as you would if you wore this amazing red leather skirt - you won't have to look for it because all the adorable looks will stick to you, and you'll "bathe" in adoration and sighs.

The unchanging sports set

Even if you don't like to go in for sports, autumn tends to give you a long refreshing morning stroll around the carpet of colorful fall leaves. That's why you need at least one sports set. We offer you a very comfortable and beautiful women's sports team in current color . The soft and pleasant cotton fabric will keep you warm in order to enjoy longer and more pleasant walks in the park or in nature. Give yourself that comfort!

A dose of feminism in bold messages

In the last decade, one of the most relevant topics of our time, namely the topic of gender equality and the feminist wave that has flooded the upper classes of western show business, is echoing in the fashion circles. The ladies are increasingly self-righteously fighting for their rights, upholding their principles and fair demands. In fashion, as a peculiar reflection of social phenomena, this tendency is expressed in bright and bold messages on clothing. If you are a socially active lady with a strong character and a distinguished position, we have the perfect lady's blouse to resonate with your character. Dress up with courage or a bold short sweatshirt to demonstrate anti-conformism and social commitment. 

Style and class are in vogue every season. Dress up in a subtle, sophisticated and always tasteful way, so that you can always be the center of attention with minimal effort.

Author: Tanya Marinova