Бъди неотразима с най-вдъхновяващите аромати за 2019-та
Be irresistible with the most inspiring scents for 2019

Be irresistible with the most inspiring scents for 2019

Aroma is one of the main means of expression. In nature, it can serve as a means of communication, recognition, attraction of the object of interest, or repulsion of the enemy ...

 That is why perfume and one of the main ladies' techniques for seducing and capturing the opposite sex.

To date, the market is full of a variety of flavors for every taste and pocket, but today we have selected the essence of women's perfumes, which in our opinion symbolize class, femininity and refined taste. And because the perfect perfume for women is different in every woman's ideas, we have tried to cover a wide range of fragrances that will gently flick their beautiful colors to make you swing in your intoxicating embrace. 

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo - a hot and sunny floral mix that will leave you breathless. In this way, we can briefly describe the delicate and gentle aroma of the magnificent Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Eau De Toilette . Fairy-tale harmony of white musk, orange color, fine grains and neroli are interwoven in a divine dance with a fragrant Bulgarian rose to imbue your senses with true magic. There is no way you can not fall in love with this perfume.

Body Intense by Burberry - hyper fruity and seductive, it sticks to the skin like a sweet kiss. It is a fragrance-treat that will shower you with candy rain and make you smile like a little kid. The base notes of cashmere, vanilla, amber and musk gently blend into the soft core of iris, rose and sandalwood, while the fine finish is a mix of peach and freesia. Burberry Body Intense is really a perfume-inspiration only for real connoisseurs.

Blossom by Jimmy Choo - with this scent the fruity touch is again the main focus. Here, however, are the red fruits (in complete harmony with the distinctive design and color of the bottle). A mix of cranberries and raspberries blend into the floral heart of rose, while the base notes are sandalwood and white musk. Jimmy Choo Blossom Perfume for Women is the perfect daytime fragrance for an energetic and active woman who rushes into every new challenge because she was born to win.

Me by Lanvin - elegant, sophisticated, delicate and feminine - it's not just aroma, it's sensuality and lively emotion sealed in a bottle. The perfume is extremely special; it spills with extraordinary finesse and seems to whisper secret with its light, fairy-tale breath. The packaging is so beautiful that it is often part of the shop window decor of the outlets, making it the perfect stylish gift. But what Lanvin Me EDP will conquer you with is the smell. Blueberries, tangerine, rose, sandalwood and orange blend in a divine alloy of aroma with no analogues. Enjoy it!

SEXY Blossom by Michael Kors - This is the time to face heavy artillery, because this is the scent of a female conqueror - the one who wants and receives everything without hesitation and persuasion. This scent is a real blast of floral and fruity nuances. The top notes recognize an exotic fruit of lychee and rose, and the heart holds a bouquet of peony, lily of the valley, freesia and pink orchid. Do we need to talk more? Certainly Michael Kors SEXY Blossom Perfume is the recognizable scent you need to leave a lasting mark.

And do not forget that the main ingredient of good taste is the right dosage. Never exceed the amount of perfume in order to avoid the delicate outline of the taste.

Author: Tanya Marinova