Топ продукти за коса. Ревитализиране на боядисаната изтощена коса в няколко лесни стъпки
Top Hair Products. Revitalizing dyed hair in a few easy steps

Top Hair Products. Revitalizing dyed hair in a few easy steps

The sun, wind, salt water, hair dye and styling tools have made your hair a real disaster? At the end of September, it successfully competes with the leaves falling in strength and vitality.

 And the last thing you need is seasonal hair loss, combined with damaged, tearing and blooming edges. 

As awful as it may sound, believe us there is salvation from this "nightmare." Without having to waste hundreds of levs in beauty salons, you can get beautiful, nourished and shiny hair at home. Dyed hair is especially demanding, so be especially careful with its maintenance procedures. Always choose quality styling products, as well as nourishing shampoos and conditioners enriched with vitamins, amino acids and valuable oils. And don't forget about the essential oils or serum that, when applied to already clean hair, will retain moisture in the hair and make it more resilient and supple.

Skin cleansing solutions after application of paint are little known. Why are they useful? They will remove the annoying residual spots from the skin of the face, neck and around the ears without excessive stubborn rubbing, irritated skin and red spots. This will make your vision perfectly effortless. We offer you Ossion Color Clear - an unparalleled product that is applied to cotton and gently cleans the color. Really worth it!

Once you have achieved the perfect shade, it is important to maintain the vitality and shine of your dyed hair. We recommend the delicate Morfose Milk Therapy creamy shampoo . It contains 12 essential amino acids and milk protein that will turn your hair into a soft and fluffy waterfall. You will enjoy healthy, silky soft and vibrant hair, perfectly nourished throughout the length of the hair.

For maximum care and reconstruction of severely damaged hair, use an intensive recovery mask. There is nothing more suitable than our professional Redist Keratin Hair Care mask . Keratin will penetrate the hair in depth and "cure" it from all permanent damage caused by aggressive hair dyes, presses and hairdryers, harmful UV rays, etc. After just a few applications, you will notice that your hair is smoother, shinier, stronger and more supple.

Deep nourishment and revitalization are impossible without a finished product. Whether it is oil, serum, or hair crystals, be sure to apply after each wash on dry but still slightly damp hair. What we recommend hot is our awesome Arist and Ceratin Redist Argan and Ceratin Hair Serum . It is enriched with argan oil and keratin - a true elixir for weak and damaged hair. Frequent use will strengthen and revitalize the hair in depth, and your hair will enjoy incredible luster and firmness. Redist Hair Care Oil Overdose 40 is another similar product - hair nourishing oilwith a really magical effect. It contains herbal extract and valuable botanical oils that, in combination, actively act against problems such as dandruff, hair loss and weak, brittle hair. It's amazing how such an affordable product can do wonders with your damaged and damaged hair to make it a strong, dazzling and silky extravaganza. 

Don't neglect your hair care, because healthy and beautiful hair is a true compliment to every woman's overall look. You do not need extra accessories and jewelry if your maintained hairstyle shines like a real jewel. Shine with shiny and flawlessly beautiful hair!

Author: Tanya Marinova