Redist Professional 40 Overdose Hair Care Oil, 150ml.
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Redist Professional 40 Overdose Hair Care Oil, 150ml.

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A miraculous touch to instantly nourish your hair with herbal extract contents:
• Provides a dazzling shine and a silky softness to your hair.
• Effective against hair loss and dandruff.
• Provides protection against ambient moisture.
• Activated with 40 different oils; it provides hair shine, flexibility, and it strengthens the hair.
• Provides shape control for blow drying and styling.
• Revitalizes the hair and provides post hair care support for dying, perming and highlighting operations.
• Strengthens weak and brittle hair.
• Thanks to its unique formula, which contains precious botanical oils, it nourishes the hair without hardening.
• Helps making blow drying easier and faster.
• Embodies an evaporation technology; a unique technology that combines the active natural herbs together with the base polymer and provides unique softness and calmness to hair surface.
• Acts as carrier and stimulates oil obsorbtion by the surface of all the hair

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