Redist Professional Marrocan Argan Oil, 100ml.
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Redist Professional Marrocan Argan Oil, 100ml.

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Professional Redist Argan Oil Crystals are designed to repair damaged hair and help it look healthy and lively. Made from the fruits of argan wood called "Liquid Gold from Morocco", our Argan oil can be considered an elixir of youth, given its content of Omega 9, Omega 6, Sterol, Fluoric acid, Vitamin E and a strong content of antioxidants, argan oil strengthens the hair's natural defense mechanism and provides effective protection against free radicals that damage hair and are caused by environmental and / or stress factors.
• Hair ends get a great shine.
• Increases hair flexibility.
• Takes control of the blooming edges.
• Intensively moisturizes the hair and provides silky softness to the hair.
• Strengthens hair and nourishes scalp.
• Provides volume to your hair.
• Refreshes hair from root to tip.

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