Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully these GENERAL TERMS for use of the website www.fbag.eu hereinafter referred to as the SITE 


Art. 1. (1) Through the SITE, "IVN TRADE" EOOD - a company, registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria, having its registered office and address: 
8600 Yambol, 4 Marin Drinov Str., UIC: 205010281, offering certain products for sale. 

(2) in these terms and conditions governing relations between "IDUs TRADE" LTD referred briefly below the Company, on the one hand and on the other hand - each person using 
SITE, hereinafter referred to as "USER ". The relations between the persons under the preceding sentence, regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, are of two groups:

-relations arising from the use of the SITE. 

- relationships arising in connection with the purchase of goods through the use of the SITE. 

Art. 2. In order to use the Services on the SITE, you must accept these Terms and Conditions. This acceptance is made by ticking 
the box "I agree to the General Terms of Use", when I ask you whether you accept the General Terms of Use of the SITE. 

Art. 3. The USER has the right to use the services of the SITE only for personal / non-commercial purposes. 


Art. 4. (1) The SITE offers to the USER the opportunity to execute online requests for purchase of goods from the SITE. It provides you with a wide choice
a reputable brand with detailed descriptions and pictures, as well as the opportunity to buy fast, convenient and easy-to-enjoy 
goods that will be delivered to your chosen address.

(2) Only those goods can be purchased by electronic order from the SITE, which the system allows to be added to the basket of the CONSUMER, according to the mechanism of operation of the shop, which is described in the General Terms and Conditions. All information on the goods offered for sale through the online store, including, but not limited to, product composition, sizes and more, is described by the manufacturer of the article labels. The company sells new and second-hand goods and accessories, as well as outlet accessories that are not purchased directly from the manufacturer of the goods. The Company purchases the relevant goods and accessories after verifying and being provided with an appropriate certificate of origin to guarantee the authenticity or mark of the products, which is why the Company cannot guarantee the authenticity or mark of the products.


Article 5 (1) The SITE contains offers on the offered goods. These offers can be separated and arranged according to different indicators, according to the 
desire of the CONSUMER. 

(2) Tenders shall contain the basic information on the product offered (according to its type) and the price of the product. The offers are accompanied by illustrative 
photo material.

(3) All images posted on the SITE are for the sole purpose of creating a certain idea of ​​the type of goods being offered and not presenting them accurately. Accordingly, some of the images of the Goods on the SITE (static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations, etc.) may not correspond to the appearance of the Goods in question or create a false impression. The Company is not responsible for such inconsistencies. 

(4) The price of the individual goods indicated in each of the tenders shall be for one number of them.

Article 6 (1) All prices presented on the SITE are in Bulgarian Leva and are valid only at the time of their publication. The Company reserves the right to change them without notice, except in cases where they have already been purchased at their previous price. The prices of goods presented in the store are final and include all taxes and fees, excluding the delivery price, which depends on the option of delivery chosen by the Client. 
(2) Delivery price is not included in the item price.


Art. 6. You may purchase from the SITE as a "Guest" or as a "Registered User". 

Art. 7. (1) By registering an account, using the email, you will save yourself the name, phone and address entry every time you 
shop and also receive additional privileges by first learning about our special offers and discounts. 

 (2) The SITE gives you the opportunity to register as a legal entity as well, entering into the registration all the business information 
necessary for issuing an invoice. 

(3) When completing the electronic registration form, the USER is obliged to provide complete and correct data about his / her identity and
other information required from the electronic form, as well as to update them within 7 days after their change. 
In case, when filling in the electronic registration form, the USER provides incorrect data or in the term of the previous article no 
changes have been made in this data, the SITE has the right to suspend immediately and without prior notice the maintenance of the user's registration and access to his client profile . 

(4) Prior to submitting the registration form by the USER, the latter may freely correct the information entered by him in this 
registration form. 

(5) Once registered, you can change your details in the "My Account" section. You can change the delivery address from there or at the 
time of order in the "Your Cart" panel.


Art. 8 (1) The products that the USER intends to buy should be added by him to his "Cart". 

(2) Adding a particular item to the Shopping Cart is done by clicking on the name or the photo of the particular product and then 
clicking on the button "ADD TO CART". 

(3) To view the products in their Cart, the USER must press the "TO THE BASKET" button in the small window that appears 
when the mouse moves in the upper right corner of the SITE. 

Art. 9. (1) Requests for the purchase of goods shall be made by filling in a special form on the SITE.

(2) The purchase order appears when you click on the "PAY" button in the "Cart" section. Then, in order to submit the application, the USER 
must fill in the fields in it, with the mandatory fields being marked with an asterisk (*). Go to each subsequent section 
of the request by clicking the CONTINUE button. The USER can go back to the previous section of the request by 
clicking on the "Edit" button located on the right side of the section name. 

(3) The request shall automatically describe the type, quantity and exact final price (including VAT) of the goods, in accordance with the contents of the 
"CART" of the CONSUMER which he introduced earlier.

(4) When completing the purchase order, the CONSUMER is obliged to provide correct and accurate information. 

Art. 10. (1) The order is made by pressing the button "ORDER" in the "PAYMENT" section. 

(2) The action under the preceding paragraph, performed by the USER, shall constitute a statement of will to conclude a contract between the USER and 
IVN TRADE EOOD under the conditions specified in the application, 

Article 11. Within 1 working day of receiving the application, a representative of " IVN TRADE Ltd. sends to the USER an electronic message 
confirming the receipt of the request or notifying the USER that the item ordered by him is not available.


Article 12 (1) The distance sale contract between the Company and the CONSUMER shall be considered concluded from the moment of confirmation of the specific order by the Company. Upon completion of the order, the Client receives an email confirmation that the order has been accepted. Prior to sending the ordered goods, the Company has the right to contact the Client on the phone specified by him in order to specify details of the order and / or delivery. 
(2) The Company shall not be liable for non-fulfillment of an order in cases where the USER has provided incorrect, incomplete and / or inaccurate personal data, including when he has provided an incomplete, incorrect or fictitious address or telephone number.
(3) It is the duty of the USER to protect the confidentiality of his username and password. Any order placed through the online store will be considered by the Company as regular if they have used a username and password that the system has accepted as valid, regardless of whether they are used by a person other than the holder. 
(4) In case the Client has chosen to pay the goods with cash on delivery, the distance sale contract shall be considered canceled if: 
- the CONSUMER fails to pay the invoice to the courier at the time of delivery. 
- The USER has given an incorrect or incorrect address or is not at the same address on the day of delivery and does not answer the phones specified for contact to arrange with the courier to receive the delivery.


Art. 12. "IVN TRADE" EOOD has the right to refuse to deliver the ordered goods for technical or organizational reasons. An 
explicit notification shall be sent to the CONSUMER by the email specified by him. 


Article 13. Delivery of the goods, ordered through the use of the SITE is made under the conditions described in this section 

Article 14. Deliveries will be made through the courier company Speedy AD 

Article 15. Delivery on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is free of charge for orders with a total value over 70.00 ( seventy) BGN For ordering and below that the shipping cost is paid within 4.90 BGN.

Article 16. The goods ordered by the CONSUMER are delivered within 2 (two) business days after the order is sent, provided that the delivery address is valid and specified. 

Art. 17. The ordered goods are transported in appropriate packaging according to their particularities and the used transport for delivery. 

Art. 18. (1) The ordered goods shall be delivered to the address specified by the CONSUMER in the request submitted by him 

(2) The CONSUMER shall be obliged to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods at the address under para. 1. 

(3) If the CONSUMER is not found within the time limit for the delivery of the delivered address or the access and conditions for the delivery 
of the goods are not provided within this period, the order shall be considered withdrawn and IVN TRADE EOOD shall be released from its obligation to deliver.

(4) In case the CONSUMER confirms his desire to receive the ordered goods after the expiration of the delivery period, in which he was not found at the 
address, he shall bear at his own expense the costs of the second delivery. The cost of the second delivery is paid upon receipt of the goods, together 
with the total amount of the order and the cost of the first delivery. 


Art. 19. IVN TRADE EOOD reminds that there is a legal guarantee for the conformity of the goods with the contract of sale. 
See Guarantee and Service


Article 20. (1) APPLICATION for the purchase of goods from the SITE, he may return this goods only in the following cases:

1. If the delivered goods are not the ones ordered by the CONSUMER; 

2. If the goods delivered are defective; 

3. If the goods were damaged during transportation; 

4. If the price to be paid by the USER is not that stated in the SITE; 

5. If the delivery time is not met. 

(2) Except in the cases listed in the previous paragraph, the USER shall not be entitled to refuse to receive and pay for the goods for which he has applied for

purchase. In case the CONSUMER does so, he shall pay the costs incurred for the delivery and return of the goods back to 

Article 21. (1) Upon receipt and payment of the goods, the CONSUMER may request its return to " IVN TRADE EOOD and the reimbursement of the price paid by him in the following cases: 

1. If the goods have a defect or non-conformity which could not be established in the ordinary inspection of the goods; 

2. If, when using the goods, it is found that they have a defect which renders them unfit for their intended use; 

3. In cases of cancellation of the contract in accordance with the provisions of Art. 25-28 of these Terms and Conditions.

(2) The CONSUMER may exercise his rights under the preceding paragraph if he submits a receipt for the purchase of the product. 

Art. 22. If there is a discrepancy between the ordered and delivered goods, which was impossible to establish at the moment of delivery, the 
goods shall be replaced within 3 (three) working days after receiving the notification of the non-conformity sent by the CONSUMER to "IVN TRADE". "EOOD 
through the system for the purpose, which can be found here. 

Article 23. (1) In case of the desire of the USER to replace the purchased item from the SITE against the same item in another size or against another item, the purchased item is sent back with the courier following the pr the procedure described in
the return and exchange system at the expense of the CONSUMER, only on condition that the goods are in their original form and have not been used and the packaging and receipt are retained. 

(2) The replacement item is sent to the user under the provisions of these terms and conditions of the given address for delivery at the expense of "IDUs TRADE" LTD provided that the contract falls within the promotional conditions for free shipping. 

Art. 24. ( 1) The CONSUMER has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving a reason, without paying compensation or penalty and without paying any expenses, except for the expenses provided for in Article 26, Paragraph 2 and Article 27. , within 14 days from the date of:

1. acceptance of the goods by the CONSUMER or by a third party other than the carrier and specified by the CONSUMER, or 

2. acceptance of the last goods by the CONSUMER or by a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the CONSUMER when the CONSUMER has 
ordered the goods which are delivered separately. 

(2) "IVN TRADE" Ltd. provides the USER with the standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal in accordance with Appendix No. 6 of the 
Consumer Protection Act . This form constitutes Appendix No. 1 to these General Terms and Conditions. 

(3) To exercise its right to rejection, the USER must notify his name, geographical address and, if any, telephone number, fax
and an email address and his decision to withdraw from the contract with a clear statement. In order to exercise its right of withdrawal, the USER may 
use the standard withdrawal form, which is Appendix No. 1 to these General Terms and Conditions or otherwise explicitly declare his 
decision to withdraw from the contract.

By ……………………… 
/ name of the trader / 
…………………………………………………………………… .. 
/ address, UIC / 
I hereby inform that I am withdrawing from my contract for the purchase of the following goods / services: 
…………………………………………………. / product description / Product 
was ordered on …………………. 
The goods were received on …………………. / indicate the date of receipt by the user / 
……………………………………………………………………… ../ name of the user / 
g / s ……… ……………………………………………………. / user address / 
………………. ……………………………. 
/ Date / / User signature /

(4) The decision on cancellation of the contract may be sent to the e-mail of IVN TRADE EOOD - info@fbag.eu or sent in hard copy 
to the address: 4, Marin Drinov Str. 

(5) In order to meet the USER deadline for termination of the contract, it is sufficient for him to send his message on the exercise of the right of withdrawal 
before the expiry of the term for termination of the contract referred to in Article 23, Paragraph 1, Items 1 and 2 

 Article 25. (1) The USER withdraws from the contract concluded between him and IVN TRADE EOOD, and IVN TRADE EOOD will refund to the USER all payments received from him, including shipping costs
(with the exception of additional costs associated with a customer-selected delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by IVN TRADE EOOD), without undue delay and in any case 
no later than 14 days from the date on which the CONSUMER informs IVN TRADE Ltd. about its decision to cancel the contract. IVN TRADE EOOD will effect the reimbursement using the same payment 
method used by the CONSUMER in the initial transaction, unless the CONSUMER expressly agrees otherwise; in any case, such reimbursement will not be associated with any 
CONSUMER costs .

(2) IVN TRADE EOOD has no obligation to reimburse the additional cost of delivering the goods when the CONSUMER has explicitly chosen a method of delivery of the goods other than the cheapest standard delivery offered by IVN TRADE EOOD 

(3). IVN TRADE EOOD has the right to postpone the repayment of payments until the goods are received back or until the CONSUMER provides him 
with evidence that he has sent the goods back, whichever is the earlier. 

(4) In the event of of cancellation of the contract can hardly send or return the goods to "IVN TRADE" EOOD or Ul. Marin Drinov 4
1, without undue delay, and in any case not later than 14 days after the date of receipt. The CONSUMER has informed IVN TRADE EOOD of its cancellation of the contract. 
The time limit is considered to be fulfilled if the USER sends back the goods before the expiry of the 14-day period. 

Art. 26. In the event of cancellation of the contract, the CONSUMER must bear the direct costs of returning the goods. 

Art. 27. In the event of cancellation of the contract, the CONSUMER is solely responsible for reducing the value of the goods as a result of their testing, other than what is necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and good functioning.

Art. 27. In the event of termination of the contract, the CONSUMER is solely responsible for reducing the value of the goods due to their testing, other than what is necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and good functioning. 

Art. 28. Returns and replacements of linen and swimwear shall not be made. 


Art. 28. (1) The CONSUMER may pay the price of the ordered goods by using one of the options for delivery and payment listed in the basket. If the User chooses the option of delivery by courier and cash on delivery, he must pay the price of the items ordered, plus the price of delivery to the courier upon receipt of the goods. 
 The payment of the price of the ordered goods is done in one of the following ways at the choice of the CONSUMER:

1. Cash on delivery - at the moment of delivery the amount is transferred to the employee of the courier company. 

2. With a bank card. 

3. With PayPal
(3) By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the CONSUMER gives his explicit and unconditional consent to pay in advance to the Company all the sale price of goods ordered through the online store. When the payment is made by cash on delivery, the buyer shall deliver to the courier an amount equal to the total amount due (including the order price and the delivery price), which shall be noted in the coupon (certifying the transfer of the goods from the courier to the Client), serving as a receipt. By signing the coupon for delivery, the Client authorizes the courier to deliver on his behalf and on his behalf to the Company the amount representing the sale price of the delivered order.

(4) Payment on Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Maestro cards issued by banks in Bulgaria and through an ePay.bg account is possible on www.fbag.eu. All electronic card payments are made through the system and on the PayU website (https: //.payu.com/). The company does not store card and personal account data. Accordingly, the payment terms of PayU are valid for card payments and the terms of ePay.bg for payment through an ePay.bg account.

(5) The CONSUMER must submit his / her questions regarding how to pay with a bank card online to the customer service center of the respective card issuing bank. It is especially important for the User to consult his card issuing bank if he wishes to pay with a Maestro or Maestro Borica debit card, for which different issuing banks have different rules for using a code replacing the CVV2 code. 

(6) The Company issues an electronic invoice (hereinafter referred to as e-invoice), which lists the goods ordered, their price and the delivery price. By accepting these Terms of Use, the user gives his explicit consent to receive e-invoices through his profile. 


Art. 29. (1) The content on the SITE - databases, texts, photos, graphics, etc. is protected by copyright and related rights within the 
meaning of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, as well as with rights protected by the Law for trademarks and geographical indications, with the carriers 
IVN TRADE EOOD and / or its partners and suppliers. 

(2) No part of the SITE may be reproduced in any form, for any purpose whatsoever and in any form whatsoever media or computer 
environment without the express written consent of the holder of the rights of and telektualna property - "IDUs TRADE" Ltd and / or its partners and 
suppliers. Any misuse of the content of the SITE will be construed as a violation of the Copyright Act and its related
rights, the Marks and Geographical Indications Act and other applicable laws in force in the Republic of Bulgaria. 

Art. 30. The news on this SITE is intended solely for the personal information of the USERS. Their use for other purposes, such as publication, 
reproduction, any form of commercial use, as well as retransmission to third parties in full, partial or revised form, without the 
explicit written approval of "IVN TRADE" Ltd., is prohibited. 


. 31. (1) The USER shall not have the right to perform actions that violate generally established rules for communication. 

(2) THE USER shall not have the right to perform malicious actions - spreading viruses and other actions that violate the rights or interests of IVN TRADE EOOD and / or tr these persons.


Art. 32. (1) "IVN TRADE" EOOD is an administrator of personal data registered under the Law on Protection of Personal Data. 

(2) The SITE guarantees the privacy of information containing personal data provided by USERS through completed 
registration applications. information is only possible in cases where it is required by state authorities or 
officials authorized by law to require and collect information containing personal data and in compliance with the statutory order. 

(3) IVN TRADE EOOD may use the statistics collected on SITE traffic to compile internal statistics for the 
purposes of your marketing campaigns.

Art. 33. (1) By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the USER agrees to the processing of his personal data. 

(2) The USER has the right to object to the processing of his personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, by sending a written 
message to "IVN TRADE" EOOD at the address and e-mail for contact specified in the SITE 

. Terms, the USER accepts the use of cookies by "IVN TRADE" EOOD, which help us 
to provide you the best possible service we believe.

See Protection of personal data


Art. 35. "IVN TRADE" Ltd. does its best to maintain accurate, accurate and up-to-date information on the SITE, without excluding the possibility of
incidental inconsistencies or omissions incidentally.

Article 36. any damages caused by or in any way related to the
access, use or inability to use the SITE. 

Art. 37. "IVN TRADE" Ltd. is not responsible for the information (including its completeness and accuracy) contained in other sites to which the
SITE contains links.

Art. 38. "IVN TRADE" EOOD shall not be liable for the incorrectness of the information specified by the manufacturer about the characteristics of a commodity. 


Article 39. (1) In the event of a change in the General Terms and Conditions, the new General Conditions shall have effect in relation to a registered USER, if 
IVN TRADE EOOD sent them to the e-mail provided by him and that USER did not state within the given term that he rejected the change in the 
General Terms and Conditions. 

(2) In the event of a change in the General Terms and Conditions, the new General Terms and Conditions shall not apply to the relations arising in connection with the purchase of goods through the 
use of the SITE for which the USER has requested. 


Чл. 40. По смисъла на настоящите общи условия „Бисквитки” могат да съдържат произволна информация, избрана от сървъра, и се използват да
поддържат състоянието на HTTP транзакциите, които иначе са „без състояние“. Те се използват за удостоверяване на самоличността на регистриран
потребител на САЙТА като част от процеса на влизане или първоначална регистрация в сайта, като от потребителя не се изисква ново въвеждане на
потребителско име и парола при всеки следващ достъп до този сайт. Друго приложение на бисквитките са поддържане на „пазарска кошница“ за
избрани стоки за купуване от даден сайт по време на една сесия, за персонализация на САЙТА (представяне на различни страници за различните
потребители), и за проследяване на достъпа на отделни потребители до даден сайт.

Client - any natural person of 18 years or over, a legal entity or other legal entity that meets one or more of the following conditions: 
- accesses the Content through the communication means provided by the SITE (by electronic means, telephone, etc.) .) or under an existing agreement for use with the SITE and which has declared the creation and use of an Account; 
- has registered with the Platform and who, by completing the process of creating an Account, has given his consent to certain clauses in the General Terms and Conditions section of the Platform; 

- after creating his own platform account, place an order and conclude a distance sales contract through the E-commerce Platform with the SITE

Seller - The Company or any other merchant offering products or services on the Platform. 
Website - the e-shop hosted on the fbag.eu web site and its subdomains 
The Platform - The Site or the fbag.eu Mobile Application 
Account - a section of the Platform formed by an email address and password that allows the Buyer to submit an Order and containing Customer information and the history of some of his activities on the Platform (Orders, Tax Invoices, etc.). Customer is responsible for ensuring that all information provided in the Account is accurate, complete and up-to-date. 
Order - an electronic document constituting a communication form between fbag.eu and the consumer, through which the user declares, through the Platform, his / her wish to purchase Goods or Services from the Platform.
Product (s) or Service (s) - any product or service available on the Platform, including the products and services mentioned in the Order that are provided by the Seller as a result of a contract. 
Campaign - any advertising message aimed at promoting the Platform or certain Goods and / or Services offered in limited quantities, unless the commercial message explicitly states otherwise, for a specified period of time, as specified by the Seller. 
Contract - represents a distance contract between the Seller and the User for the sale and purchase of Goods and / or Services through the Platform, based on and integral part of these General Terms and Conditions for the use of the Platform (the "Document").
Transaction - the action by fbag.eu to recover the amount paid by the User as a result of the cancellation, termination, refusal or non-conclusion of a contract of sale through the Platform, which is carried out solely by bank transfer. 
Specifications - all the characteristics and / or descriptions of the Goods and Services as specified in their description. 
Review - a written evaluation by the owner or user of a product or service based on the personal experience and ability of the evaluator to make quality comments and to express an opinion whether or not the product or service meets the characteristics specified by the manufacturer.
Rating - a method of calculating the level of satisfaction of a User with respect to a particular product. The rating is expressed in the form of stars, and each product can receive a rating of one to five stars. This level of satisfaction will always be accompanied by a review written by the User of a product or service. 
Comment - A rating or critical remark at the end of one Review or another comment. 
CPA stands for Consumer Protection Act. 
LPPD stands for Personal Data Protection Act. 
WEBSITE OR INTERNET SHOP means www.fbag.eu 
USER, USER or CUSTOMER means a person over the age of 18 and using a www.fbag.com website who has a bank account.
GOODS, ARTICLES, OR PRODUCTS means goods offered by the Company. 
PERSONAL DATA means personal data within the meaning of the LPPD. 
PAYMENT PAYMENT means cash on delivery within the meaning of the Postal Services Act. 


Art. 41. These General Terms and Conditions were adopted by Decision of 14.12.2017. of the General Meeting of "IVN TRADE" Ltd. 

Article 42. These General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on the day of their publication on the SITE.

* Images on the Site are illustrative and may be inconsistent with the goods they represent.